Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone’s focus to provide the best internet packages 2019 for your convenience. Find the latest packages details along with codes, data, and prices.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages 2019 with Code & Price

Best Ufone Weekly Internet Packages 2019

Ufone’s always full fill customers need whether they need calling service or internet. They bring what really needs of customer’s that’s why everyone loves to be a customer of Ufone. The company has quality infrastructure all over Pakistan…

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Ufone Social Monthly Package for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter

Get 1GB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter

Are you pro-social? Now with Ufone social monthly package, enjoy all the popular social apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for a whole month in Rs. 50/- only. With monthly social package will get 1GB (1024 MBs) data to…

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With Ufone Daily WhatsApp Package Get 500MBs & 10,000 SMS

Enjoy WhatsApp & SMS with Ufone Daily Offer

Do you love to stay online on WhatsApp? And always keep the message to your friends? With Ufone Daily WhatsApp package, Now you will get 500 MBs and 10, 000 SMS in only Rs. 5/- for a whole…

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With Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Package Enjoy 3GB Internet

Ufone weekly internet plus Package

Looking for big volume for a whole week? Let’s active Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Offer and enjoy 3GB data volume in the price of Rs. 150/- only. This package is cost-effective for prepaid users who want to keep…

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Ufone Monthly Max Package

ufone monthly max package

The Ufone monthly max package is one of the biggest package offered by the company. This package provides 10GB data volume to the customers at Price of Rs. 1000 including all the taxes. Previously, The Ufone brings you…

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Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet Package

Ufone Monthly Heavy Bundle

The Ufone monthly heavy internet package is best for heavy uses of the internet. If you are one who always busy on the internet and want to access rich content like videos, video streaming and pictures then this…

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Ufone Monthly Light Internet Package

Ufone Monthly Light Package

In the monthly category, Ufone brings you light Internet Package which provides customers 1GB (1,024) data volume at the cost of Rs. 250 including all the Taxes. To active this package, you can go to retiral shop or…

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Ufone Weekly light bucket

Ufone Weekly light

The Ufone Weekly Light package offers customers 250 MBs internet data volume for Rs. 50 Rupees including all the taxes. The light package is best to use for moderate to light uses of the internet. The package also…

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Enjoy 3GB with Ufone Weekly Heavy Plus Internet Package

Get 3GB with Ufone Weekly Plus Internet

Finally, Ufone star rolling out their internet packages. Now they offer heavy 3GB data with Ufone weekly plus package in the price of Rs. 150/- It is a really super weekly package from Ufone which offer a great…

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Get 100 MB with Ufone 3 Day Internet Package in Rs. 100 Only

Ufone 3 Day Bucket

Are you interested in three days internet package instead of daily? Let’s subscribe Ufone 3 day offer in Rs. 100/- & get 100 MBs data volume with all the Taxes. The three-day packages also included the free 500…

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