Jazz MB Check Code | How to Check Jazz Remaining MBs

Are you looking for Jazz Free Mb check code and want to check the jazz remaining Mbs in any of Jazz 4G internet packges? Here you will know how to check remaining Mbs in jazz device. You wil get complete details on Jazz Mb check code from Mobilink.

It is always very important to keep an eye on your internet data. Why it’s so important? If you keep using your internet and your internet package data ended, then it will charge you high rates. And that makes your all mobile balance cut out. That’s the reason, Always keep checking your remaining Data.

In this post, I will share with you a simple and easy method to check the remaining MBs in your Jazz 4G device. Not only this but I will also share how to check the remaining data volume for your mobile SIM, internet SIM, and broadband 4G device.

Let’s see an example:

If you have activated Jazz Weekly Internet Package using the subscription code *117*47#.
You can check the remaining internet data MBs on the weekly internet package by adding *2# at the end.
This will become: *117*47*2#

Note: The actual subscription code was: *117*47

Similarly, if you are using the Jazz premium Monthly internet bundle then you can check the remaining internet bytes by dialing *117*30*2#. Here, *117*30 is the code for a monthly premium package by the telecom network.

Checking how much data left in your Jazz prepaid is simple and easy. This method provided by Jazz 4G so the customers can easily keep up to date himself about data remaining.

A simple dialing code is available to check the internet MBs.

How to Check Jazz 4G Remaining Internet MBs

Just one thing more, After Merged of Warid with Jazz, Now this service will work on both of them. The Jazz 4G brings you different codes for different packages to check Jazz minutes and the data. They also have different codes for different device packages.

You need to dial the correct code to know how many data left in your package. Do not worry, I will share with you all of the codes so you can check the internet volume.

Without further explanation and waste your time, Let’s see how to check the remaining data for the 4G device and different internet packages.

Jazz Mb Check Code for 4G Device

Do you own a Jazz 4G USB or WIFI device? Let’s check the remaining MBs and know the expiry date of your device package.

The Jazz 4G brings you three different devices (Super 4G WIFI, Super 4G Wingle, Super 4G Home WIFI) according to a customer but checking the data is the same for all the devices.

So you need not worry about that! All you need to dial a simple code.

But the code is different for different packages.

No need to worry, I will share codes for each package of 4G devices.

Just remember these codes will work with only Jazz Superfast 4G devices but will not work with mobile internet or Jazz internet SIM packages.

Jazz 4G Basic Package

Do not know how many GBs or MBs left for your basic package then dial *117*71*2# from the master number or device interface.

Jazz 4G Regular Package

Do you have an activated the Regular package on your 4G MBB device? And want to check its remaining data than dial code *117*73*2# from your device interface.

Jazz 4G Heavy Package

If you are using a heavy internet package on your Jazz WIFI or Wingle device and want to know to expire data or want to know much GBs than dial *117*74*2#

For easy understanding, I have created a complete chart for you with complete details.

Have a look at the table below:

Basic15GB/MonthRs. 999/-*117*71#*117*71*2#*117*71*4#
Regular36GB/MonthRs. 1,500/-*117*73#*117*73*2#*117*73*4#
Heavy75GB/MonthRs. 2,500/-*117*74#*117*74*2#*117*74*4#

Get Status of MBs for Prepaid Bundles

Did you subscribe to any Jazz 4G mobile internet package? The Jazz 4G provides different codes for checking the remaining MBs for mobile internet packages.

It also provides you a simple and easy way to check the remaining data left in your mobile account.

By using this method, you need to add *2# at the end of its subscription code.

Let me show you an example:

If you are using a Jazz weekly internet package which subscription code is *117*47#

Now, You need to add *2# at the end of its subscription code.

After adding, The code will look like this *117*47*2# and that’s the code you need to dial to check the data remaining.

Similar Let’s have a look at another example of Jazz’s monthly premium internet package.

The Jazz premium internet bundle subscription code is *117*30.

And, after adding the *2# at the end the code will look like *117*30*2#

Now, this is the code that you need to dial to check the remaining data for Jazz’s monthly internet package.

How to Check Remaining MBs in Jazz Monthly Packages?

The Jazz network brings you many monthly internet packages for their customers and to check the remaining data of all of the monthly packages by using a single code.

You simply need to dial *117*77*2# for any of the monthly mobile bundles.

How to Check Jazz Weekly Internet Remaining MBs?

The Jazz provides different codes for different weekly internet packages to check the reaming data left in their mobile account.

You just need to make sure to dial code according to your mobile package activated on your phone.

Let’s have a look at the complete details of each weekly package with a data check code.

Jazz 4G Simple Weekly Package

Do not know how much GBs or MBs left for your basic package than dial *117*3*2# from a mobile phone.

Jazz 3G/4G Super Weekly Package

If you have subscribed to a 1.5GB super weekly package of Jazz and don’t know how many MBs left, You can dial *11747*2# direct code to know the details about it.

Jazz Weekly Extreme Package

The Jazz extreme weekly package provides you 2.5GB of data volume and it is always good to keep an eye on data. To check the remaining data of this bundle, you need to dial the code *117*14*2#

Jazz 4G Mega Weekly Package

If you are using the mega weekly internet package of Jazz and want to check the data remaining then you need to dial the shortcode *159*2#

I know it’s a little complicated for you to understand and for this, I have created a table with each package name and its code for checking internet volume.

Have a look at the table below:

Package NameData VolumeHow to SubscribeCheck Remaining Data
Simple Weekly Package300 MBs*117*3#*117*3*2#
Super Weekly Package1500 MBs*117*47#*11747*2#
Weekly Extreme Package2500 MBs*117*14#*117*14*2#
Mega Weekly Package3000 MBs*159#*159*2#

How to Check Remaining MBs in Jazz Postpaid?

The Jazz super fast also provide code for postpaid customers to check the remaining balance, SMS and internet MBS in postpaid connection by using the following code:

You need to dial *1111# from your postpaid SIM.

How to Check Balance in Mobilink Jazz 4G?

The Mobilink/Jazz also provides a direct code to check the remaining balance in your mobile account. You can use the Jazz balance check code to check it.

To check the balance, you need to go to the phone book and dial *111#, and submit the code by pressing the call button.

Let’s wait for a few seconds and an automated voice call asks you various questions.

After waiting for a few more seconds, the system will ask you to press a specific number to check the remaining account balance.

The charges for checking the balance are Rs. 025/-

You can also check the balance of your Jazz mobile account by calling 123 from your phone.

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