How to Check Telenor SIM Number using Code

Do you forget your Telenor SIM number? And looking for an easy solution to find your own Telenor mobile number? Here I am going to guide you on how you can check your own SIM number without having a balanced amount. It’s not quite hard to find out details against your number and all you have to send a blank SMS.

You simply need to send a blank message to 7421 and within a minute, you will get all the details against your Telenor number.

Additionally, You can also check the ownership by using the Telenor SIM number check code *8888# and the notification will be sent to you right away. I am also going to explain more different methods which help you to check the number.

How to Check Telenor SIM Number

As I explained above, it’s not quite hard to check the Telenor number, all you have to follow given a few simple steps.

  1. First of all, you need to send a blank SMS to 7421. Within a few seconds, the customer will get an SMS in reply to know which included your own SIM number details.
  2. The second method to know your Telenor number is to dial code *8888# and the notification will pop up to show you a number.
  3. The third and final method is to simply dial code *101# from your smartphone and you will get all the details against your personal number.

Telenor SIM Number Check Code

To find the calling number of Telenor sim, follow these steps:

  • Code: Send a Blank/Empty SMS to 7421
  • Price: Standard SMS rate

Furthermore, you can find the number for free using following method:

  • Dial code: *8888#
  • You will get your Telenor sim number on your mobile screen for free

Checking SIM Number by Calling

If your sim is inactive then this method is perfect to use. This method can also be used for active SIM. If you have an issue with sending SMS then you can do a call and follow these instructions given below.

just make sure, you have the following details before you process a call.

  1. You should know the owner’s name of the SIM. If it’s in your own name then that’s ok.
  2. The second important, probably the most important thing, you should know the IMSI number. This number can be found back of your Telenor SIM and it’s normally starting with 0600.
  3. Keep your National ID card with you because you will be asked CNIC number.
  4. Now you need to dial 345 from your Telenor SIM to get in touch with the customer service center.
  5. When your call connected with the customer care center of Telenor, he/she will ask you the details which I mention above. They will ask you to tell them your SIM IMSI number, CNIC, and your name. Upon corrections of details, they will tell your Telenor SIMS number.

Check Telenor Number using Live Chat

This method also works well with both active or non-active Sims. It is the perfect method if you have internet access but don’t have SIM on the phone.

If your Telenor sim at home but you are in the office and want to know your Telenor SIM number then you can do a live chat by going to the Telenor office website.

To process this method, you have the following details:

  1. You must know the owner’s name.
  2. Should have IMSI Number.
  3. Must have CNIC details
  4. Now you can visit Telenor Official Website
  5. Next, simply click on the live chat box which you can find just right below the corner of the screen.

When a box opens, it will ask you to fill out the form. You need to enter, mobile number, Email, name, and select the package plan. If you don’t know your package, you can select, “I don’t know.”

Finally, click the start the chat button and wait for some time so the chat representative will get in touch with you.

After he will get in touch with you, he will ask you a few details that are, Name, IMSI, and CNIC number and will guide you. That’s It.

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