How to Pay PTCL Utility Bills Online with UPaisa Account


As time pass, Technology becomes more advanced. Now everything is much easier as compared to the old days. With the internet, you can easily pay bills, order food online or do shopping.

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Technology makes our life easy. Buying anything is just on your figure tips. you can buy anything from your smartphone.

With Ufone App, now you can easily pay PTCL Utility bills online by creating Upaisa account. The approach of UPaisa has facilitated many customers to pay a bill.

What is UPaisa?

The Upaisa was introduced in back 2013 by Ufone in collaboration with U Microfinance Bank Ltd.

This amazing paying bills service was launched in order to provide comfort to Ufone users. It is a branchless banking system to provide financial services to people who live in urban or remote areas.

You can make financial transactions by using the Upaisa mobile account or also can access though Upaisa Shope.

Let’s Pay PTCL Utility Bills with UPaisa Account:

If you don’t have much time to visit the bank or UPaisa shop. You can take full advantage of UPaisa account and pay your Utility bills from your smartphone.

Sometimes people also facing the issue of timing. All the banks in Pakistan are about closed at 5 PM or shop keeper refuses to take a bill. In such a situation, The UPaisa account helps you a lot.

You may also notice and experience that the shop keeper wants much extra money in the last date of the bill or after 5 PM. If you are one experience such issues, You surely need this Upaisa account.

Without wasting your more time, Let’s follow these simple steps to pay your PTCL bills through Upaisa.

  1. Pick up your phone and Dial *76#
  2. Now Select > Pay Bills Option
  3. You will see two different optoins to select  1- Utility Bill Payment 2- Partial Bill Payment
  4. Pick Utility Bill Payment
  5. Take the “Telephone” option
  6. Now Choose “Bill Type” PTCL / PTCL CharJi or EVO Prepaid/Postpaid
  7. Enter your Mobile Phone Number  with Area Code (+92)
  8. It will show you Bill Amount with Due Date on your mobile screen.
  9. If you want to pay your Bill, Just click on the “Pay” button
  10. You will get a message about the successful bill has been paid though UPaisa.

Additional Details:

If you having any issue while making paying your PTCL bill or any other issue, You can call to a service center by dialing Service Number 051-111-282-265 or 7777.

That’s all about UPaisa account, Let’s go ahead and pay your bill now.

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