Jazz 4G MBB Loyalty Offer 50GB Extra Data on Every 3rd Subscription


Finally, Jazz starts promoting their Super 4G devices by offering something extra FREE data. With Jazz 4G MBB loyalty offer, you will get FREE 50GB of extra volume on every 3rd subscription of your 4G device.

The FREE volume can be used between 1 AM to 9 AM. During this time, your MBB device package data will not be consumed and device data volume automatically shift to free data.

After every 3rd subscription, you will get the extra volume of 50GB and this cycle will continue till the validation of offer.

Right now the Jazz/Warid didn’t mention the validation of this offer so you can keep enjoying this offer. As they update anything about the offer validate, We will post it.

The offer valid for both USB Wingel and Bolt devices.

Jazz 4G MBB Loyalty Offer Extra Volume of 50GB

This loyalty offer is valid on all MBB bundles. Whether its basic 15GB bundle, 36GB regular or can be heavy 75GB. You will get same 50GB free night data.

Not only this, but You will also eligible for this offer if you subscribe to 3 or  6-month bundles. For both 3 & 6-month bundles, it will be counted as one which means, you will get free stuff only for one month.

If you want to get maximum benefit from this offer, I recommend you should not subscribe 6-month bundle because you will get only one month free date night.

Instead of this, If you keep subscribing the bundle every month, you will get twice month free data in the six-month period.

1- How to check MBB Loyalty Offer Status?

To check your remaining FREE and package Data MBs, all you have to simply dial *117*8*2# from your MBB Device and that’s it.

2- Eligibility Rules:

  • For 3 & 6-month bundles subscription will be counted as one and staggered benefit for next months will not be counted as a subscription
  • The counter will be reset after 3rd subscription, and the cycle will restart again as next subscription will again count as 1st
  • Only MBB customers are eligible for the incentive on every 3rd bundle subscription within a period of 90days.
  • This offer is not available on Data Sim.
  • All customers subscribing to MBB bundles are auto-registered to loyalty plan i.e. bundle subscription counter is set to 1 as soon as a customer subscribes a bundle (30Nov18 and onwards)

3- Recharge & Subscribe Bundles:

  • go to your nearest retailer and ask for a desired bundle or
  • use Jazz WiFi App, go to jazz.wifi/ from device or dial *6363# from Jazz Prepaid Contact Number

4- Free Data Details:

  • 50GB of MBB Loyalty Offer can be used within pre-defined time window 1 am to 9am with the validity of 30Days
  • To check bundle usage & expiry dial *117*9*2# from MBB Device or *6363# from MBB Device or Jazz Prepaid Contact No.
  • SMS notification messages will be sent to MBB number and Other Contact No

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