Jazz Caller Islamic Tunes Ramazan Offer 2020

April 24, 2020
Jazz Caller Tunes Ramazan Offer

The Jazz brings you another fantastic Jazz Caller Tunes Ramazan Offer to let’s make your callers listen to your chosen Jazz Islamic tone.

Instead of making your callers listen to conventional beep tones, why not activate a nice Islamic tune? Jazz brings you the extraordinary list of special tones for especially for this month of Holy Ramadan.

Just to make sure, this isn’t first offered from Jazz for their customers on this graceful month, Previously they have brought you an amazing Ramadan internet offer which gives you 100GB data volume for Wifi customers in very cheap price.

In this Ramadan, with Jazz tones, customers can active there favorite tunes such as Hamd or Naat. It is a great offer which is specially introduced for this special month.

The Ramazan is a most happening month for every Muslim and that’s why Jazz wants each Muslim to listen to Islamic tones instead of conventional ringing tones.

Jazz caller tunes allow you to choose your favorite tone from the latest collection to set tune on your phone and let your caller listen to it while calling. Not only this but you can also download tunes on your smartphone and set as a ringtone.

There is another great feature from Jazz to let not just your caller will listen to your favorite tunes but you can also listen to that tune.

Jazz Caller Tunes Ramazan Offer 2020 Listen, Islamic Tune

Jazz gives full control over setting the specific tune. Now customers can set the tone for their special numbers.

They can quickly set temporary status as a caller tunes to let their users know that you are busy. You are allowed to add, delete or personalize any tune directly from the library.

It’s not hard to set any tune, All you have to follow few simple steps given below.

Charges Rs. 1.68/ Day (Incl.Tax)
Subscription Dial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
Un-subscription Dial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
IVR Charges Rs. 2.38 per minute
SMS Charges Rs, 9.55 per SMS
Validity 1 Day

How to set Jaaz Tunes?

With Jazz tunes, you can download up to 50 Jazz tunes and let them save in “My Album” on 230 IVR.
To download any Tune, you simply need to send “Get<space>tone ID” to 230.

You can set any downloaded Tune by sending “Set<space>tone ID” to 230.

Just to make sure, your caller will not be charged anything while listening to your tunes while calling.

Also, you can customize your callers to set a different tune for each caller. If you want, you can set one tune for all callers or you can make a group of callers set specific tune. A maximum of 10 members is allowed to group/groups.


  • Dial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230 to activate or deactivate the offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • To facilitate customers who request Jazz Tunes subscription while having insufficient balance, such customers shall be provisioned with requested Jazz Tunes subscription while subscription charges shall be deducted when a customer has sufficient balance in his account.
  • Not applicable to Champions Package subscribers
  • The company reserves the right to change the offer at any time
  • Jazz reserves the right/discretion to set/change the price/rate of any offer/package/bundle or withdraw/revoke such an offer/package/bundle at any time. Where required under PTA’s regulations, prior notice shall be given to affected customers accordingly.
  • Offer Price/charges of each offer/package/bundle shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes if any, irrespective of the fact in which area of the country the requisite offer/package/bundle is activated/service availed
  • Withholding tax of 12.5% applies to recharge/bill
  • Operator Assistance charges (i.e., Admin/Maintenance/Operational charges) @ 10% (plus applicable tax) shall apply on each recharge made in Pakistan and AJK/GB
  • The charging system reserves certain proportion of available data volume in MBs of your package against opening/accessing of each application/website on the device, therefore, the simultaneous opening/accessing of multiple applications and/or websites may result in reserving all your available data volume in MBs of your package and may start charging on the base rate of your package
  • For Balance Inquiry Dial *111# for Rs. 0.24 (tax inclusive)
  • For any additional query call 111 helplines for Rs. 2.39 (tax inclusive)
  • In case of any queries, questions or complaints, please visit https://www.jazz.com.pk/help/support/ to approach our customer service representatives
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

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