Jazz Coca-Cola Offer: Win Free Unlimited Internet Upto 300GB

August 29, 2019
Jazz Coca-Cola Offer

Jazz Coca-Cola Offer: Two biggest brands of Pakistan join together to offer you to win unlimited data up to 300GB. It’s a kind of promotional offer for a limited time!

The special branded Coca-Cola bottles are available all over the Pakistani stores. Let’s enjoy the widely popular drink and get a chance to win the biggest Jazz Super 4G data by dialing the code available at the back of each bottle’s label.

In addition, Jazz Pakistan’s largest digital communications company and Coca-Cola Company comes on one page to promote their self by offering great value to its customers.

They did a partnership with each other to give consumers a chance to win free unlimited data.

However, the partnership focuses on users who need heavy data so they can Livestream videos, sports, and surf the web on the go.

Commenting on this partnership, Head of Marketing at Jazz, Kazim Mujtaba stated,

This is the coming together of two giant brands to empower millions of people with free mobile data, especially during the ongoing Cricket World Cup. In a first of its kind initiative, Jazz offers Coca-Cola’s customers a chance to use Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet.

Win Unlimted Data with Jazz Coca-Cola Offer

Time to spice up your life with free Jazz Super 4G data and a Coca-Cola bottle today! Get a chance to win data, you need to buy a Coca-Cola bottle.

Open the cap of the bottle and find the code. You need to send this from your Jazz prepaid number to entire the contest. Just follow these simple steps to get a chance.

  1. Buy a Bottle from any store all over Pakistan.
  2. Find promotional code under the label.
  3. Simple Dial *145*insertcode# from Jazz prepaid SIM.

Free Incentives:

  • If you were able to win the Coca-Cola offer, you will get up to 300 GB data.

How to Active offer:

  • From prepaid Jazz SIM, Dial *145*insertcode#


  • The cost of the offer is Rs. 0/- including all Tax.


  • This offer is valid for only 30 days.

Terms & Condition

While getting a chance to win free data, you need to keep in mind the following terms.

  • There are 20 million codes and each one is usable only once time.
  • You can dial codes multiple times to get incentives.
  • In the case of the same incentive, a win will be added to the current one.
  • Any of Incentives with shorter validity will be consumed first.
  • Both Jazz & Warid prepaid users can avail the offer.
  • The offer is valid from 15th June – 31st July.
  • You can get the offer by using the USSD code.
  • Maximum Data Limit up to 300GBs.

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