Jazz Data Internet SIM Packages with Details, Price & Code 2019

.Jazz Pakistan second largest network which provides great internet speed. It offers a different kind of services which include calling, internet, and many other cooperative services.

One of their service for internet users is a Data SIM. It is a special SIM which doesn’t have calling services but only has internet services.

Jazz Offer a different kind of internet packages for data SIM which you can activate on it to enjoy the features of the internet, download important files or watch HD movies.

Likewise, Jazz Data Internet SIM Packages 2019 is a mix of medium and high volume bundles at affordable price. All of the packages are base on weekly, monthly and long duration.

In addition, you can use this SIM into your smartphone or any other 4G enables devices to connect with the internet and explore the world web content.

Furthermore, you can use this SIM into your Jazz 4G Wifi, Wingle, and home devices but you will be limited to subscribe data SIM bundle only.

In addition, Jazz offers one weekly, four different monthly packages and two of long duration bundles for internet SIM. You can choose anyone according to your data need.

Let’s check out the table of content and find out all of the packages with code, details, subscription code.

#1. Jazz Data SIM Weekly Packages

Jazz is the only network who’s offer data SIM package for a week. That’s a really amazing and great thing. I personally just love with the way they arrange their data SIM bundles.

Currently, the company offering you 20GB data at the price of Rs. 300 only. But you can use the 10GB between 1 AM – 9 AM.

Mega Weekly Price Rs. 300/-
Data Volume 20 GB (10GB Useable 1AM-9AM)
Jazz/Warid Minutes 400 Minutes
SMS 4000 All Network SMS
Subscription Code Dial *117*48#
Validity 7 Day

#2. Jazz Data SIM Monthly Packages

Let’s first talk about their Monthly packages. These bundles are first chosen for everyone because everyone can easily afford them.

Normally users who are limited with their bundle like to go with monthly bundles. Also, these bundles offer good data volume at an affordable price.

Jazz categories their packages so everyone can easily afford them. While arranging internet buckets they also keep in mind a large number of students in Pakistan.

That’s why Jazz smart bundle start at Rs. 600/- only. If you are running an internet business where you need big data volume or want to connect many users at the time then you can go with regular or heavy packages.

Just remember all of the packages half of the data volume can only be used in between 1 AMtill 9 AM.

Package Name Volume Price Validity Subscription
Monthly Internet Smart 15GB (7.5GB Useable 1AM-9AM) Rs. 600 30 Days *117*35#
Monthly Internet Basic 30GB (15Useable 1AM-9AM) Rs. 999 30 Days *117*72#
Monthly Internet Regular 60GB (30Useable 1AM-9AM) Rs. 1500 30 Days *117*73#
Monthly Internet Heavy 150GB (75GB Useable 1AM-9AM) Rs. 2500 30 Days *117*74#
  • All bundles are inclusive of taxes.
  • The packages can be used in all available¬† 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • No charges for dialing status or subscription code.
  • Every bundle will automatically deactivate after 30 days.

#3. Jazz Long Duration Internet SIM Packages

Jazz always take care of their customers and that’s why they want to save the customer money. If you are a regular internet user and have a good budget then I would recommend you to go with long-duration packages.

The company offering you three and six-month duration bundles with more data and less price. These bundles are a little different from the monthly packages.

For instance, three-month packages offer you 36 GB per month data in the price of Rs. 4000/- That’s mean it will cost you Rs 1333/- per month.

Similar, A six-month bundle gives you 75 GG per month data in the price of Rs. 10,000/- That means you will pay Rs. 1666/- per month.

Package Name Volume Price Validity Subscription
Three Monthly 36 GB / Month Rs. 4000 90 Days *117*15#
Six Monthly 75 GB / Month Rs. 10,000 180 Days *117*16#
  • You don’t need to pay Tax for any bundle. All prices include all taxes.
  • The packages can be active within the network 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • Dialing code will not cost you.
  • All bundles automatically expire after their duration.

Terms & Condition

  • All of these packages are available on MBB SIM & Data SIM only.
  • No extra charges will be applied.
  • Bundles work within 2G, 3G, and 4G work.
  • Speed depends on multiple factors.
  • Customers can visit the nearest Jazz Retailer shop to charge their Data SIM.
  • To recharge, subscription or check usage, Dial *6363#
  • Over usage, charges are not allowed on MBB SIM & Data SIM.
  • For uninterrupted internet connectivity, users need to subscirbe bundles.
  • Multiple subscriptions of 3 months & 6-month bundle are not allowed.
  • If you resubscribe any bundle within the validity, any of the remaining MBs will be added and validity will be as per new subscription.
  • For three and six month bundles, any of the remaining data will not be carried forward from first 30days to another and will expire after every cycle.

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