Jazz Facebook Packages 2020 (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & FREE)

Just to give users access over social media, With Jazz Facebook Packages 2020 you can subscribe daily, weekly, monthly or social bundle to enjoy it’s all features.

Jazz has three different packages for Facebook include free one for basic access. You can subscribe to daily or weekly as per your needs.

If you don’t want to watch rich media including photos and videos that you can go with free Jazz facebook without any cost.

The beauty of all of the Jazz facebook bundle is to provide you free data for other social media applications such as WhatsApp and IMO.

The cost of a social bundle starts from Rs. 5/- and goes up to Rs. 30/- You can subscribe to anyone according to your daily uses.

Now Just stay relax and enjoy social sites every day. Share photos or watch videos. You can do whatever you want to over Facebook.

Enhance your Jazz 4G experience by activating the social offer at an affordable price.

We have added all the packages from Jazz which are specific only for Facebook. Let’s go through each package without wasting more time.

1. Free Facebook By Jazz

You don’t have money but still, want to connect over Facebook? Let’s enjoy the free version of Facebook with Jazz without cutting costs or consume your data.

No need to activate any bundle, Just turn on your data and go to Facebook to explore it. It’s time to save your MBs while staying online.

You simply need to switch between the FREE data version of Facebook with a single tap. All you need to flick a toggle button at the top right side of your Facebook feed.

Payment Rs. 00/-
Internet MBs Unlimited
Feature Access Basic Features (No Potos/Videos)
Validity Unlimited

2. Daily Facebook Social

Do you want to see photos and videos over Facebook? You can go with a daily Facebook social offer to enjoy all of the features of Facebook.

You only need to pay Rs. 5/- only for per day and you will get 200 MBs which is looking good.

Additionally, You will also get FREE access over WhatsApp. This offer is auto-resubscribe without dialing a code.

Payment Rs. 5/-
Internet MBs 200 MBs (Facebook/WhatsApp)
Subscription Code Dial *455#
De-active Offer Code Dial Again *455#
Validity 1 Day

3. Weekly Facebook Social

Looking for extensive data for Facebook? Let’s go with weekly Facebook package to enjoy 1GB data in the price of Rs. 30/- only.

Now each day for a whole week, You can join your buddies and relatives members. This package is really awesome and it’s the latest offer from Jazz which recently added in the line-up.

Another key thing, You will use this data volume on WhatsApp and IMO without furthermore cost.

Payment Rs. 30/-
Internet MBs 1000 MBs (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO)
Subscription Code Dial *660#
De-active Offer Code Dial Again *660#
How to Check Details of Offer Dial *660*2#
Validity 7 Day

Product Specific:

  • If all the MBs consume, Make sure to move on the Free version of Facebook.
  • Keep using Facebook without data MBs will cost you Rs. 1/MB applied.
  • You can only use theĀ  MBs on Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO according to package.
  • You can use all of the Facebook packages in 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  • If you want to check the remaining MBs on Any of the Facebook packages, You can dial the status code for Rs. 0.06.
  • Daily Facebook is auto-subscribe whereas the weekly bundle is not.
  • If you experience slow speed, It depends upon many factors including old 3G SIM, timing, number of users and distance from the 4G site.
  • If you didn’t activate any of the Facebook bundles and want to use Facebook then it will charge you Rs. 3.6/MB which is expensive.

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