Jazz Free Facebook Package 2020 Subscribe Code

March 15, 2019

Jazz offers Free basic Facebook in 2020 to enjoy its features without data consumption. You can browse all of the basic features of Facebook absolutely at no cost!

Jazz is the OOKLA 4G speed test award, winner. They offer many of their services free. This time they did a partnership with popular social media site Facebook to offer their customer free access.

Do you a big fan of Facebook? But at the same time love to enjoy free internet, right? Who doesn’t want to get free access to their most favorite social media site? I am sure, everyone loves to use it at no cost.

The Jazz free Facebook offer is valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers. To use the Facebook free of cost, all you need to have Jazz customers.

Warid/Jazz Free Facebook Package Without Charge

To start using Facebook without additional charges, you simply need to turn on the data and go to https://facebook.com to start using it free.

For free users will only have to access its basic features which don’t include the videos and other rich media content. The users can read the post, post comments, do like and share the friend’s posts.

The Jazz free Facebook lite allows you to enjoy a free version of Facebook that doesn’t consume your data volume and you will surely be going to save your MBs while staying online with your friends and family.

If you are a Jazz customer, you can easily switch the data between free and data version of Facebook with a single tap. All you need to do is flick the toggle button at the top of your Facebook feed.

How to use Free Facebook on Jazz?

With the FREE Facebook package, you can use Facebook and other similarly useful websites for free. While browsing Facebook on your mobile phone, you will have an option to use it free of cost without charging for data.

First of all, you make sure that your mobile data Turn ON.

Turn On Data for Free Facebook by Jazz

Now you can simply open the Facebook.com on your mobile browser or open the Facebook android application on your smartphone.

After opening the Facebook app, you will see the “Go to Free” button just top right of the screen. simply click on this button to start using Facebook without charging the data volume.

Jazz Facebook Data Mode

When you are in the free mode, you will not able to see the photos and videos. Also, you are not allow watching videos. If you wish to see rich media content, you can simply click on “See Photos” to see photos and videos.

Jazz Facebook Free Mode

Mobilink Free Facebook Activation Details

As for a code, You don’t need to dial any code. You can use free Facebook by simply going to their website or mobile application.

If you are a new Facebook user and at the same time you are a Jazz family member then you are eligible to use free Facebook for 30 days. Here are other details of this offer.

Data VolumeUnlimited
Validity30 Days

Just to make sure the Free Basics Facebook is only available for mobile devices.

How to Avoid Data charges while on Android.

When you are going to use free Facebook. Here are a few instructions you must follow to avoid data charges on android.

  • Make sure to close other apps that may use data.
  • Turn off background data sync. To do so:
    • Open your mobile main Settings menu.
    • Under ‘Wireless & Networks’, select Data usage.
    • Touch the menu icon.
    • Make sure ‘Restrict background data’ is checked.
    • Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked.

If you want to use other mobile internet packages which include call, text and data bundle, you can use them while using the free basic lite Facebook.

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