Enjoy Jazz Free MBs Daily by Using Jazz World App

FREE Internet MBs with Jazz World App

Jazz brings you a super offer to enjoy FREE MBs by using the Jazz World App. You will get free internet 200MBs daily without any cost. It’s a limited time offer so avail it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, This is a new offer from Jazz for their subscriber. You don’t need to activate any bundle or package. Just need to install their Android application on your smartphone and start enjoying free internet all day.

Additionally, it valid for prepaid customers who have to install the Mobilink app. Whether you are a new or old customer, you can enjoy free internet all day.


Jazz has announced 500 Mbs of free data on the purchase of all new prepaid Jazz SIMs. This move has been made to welcome new subscribers of Jazz to the network and enables them to experience the country’s fastest 3G on their smartphones.

If you are a Mobilink Jazz Subscriber and want to avail Jazz Free Internet then this article is definitely very helpful for you.

Offered Incentives:

  • You will get only 200 Mbs data.
  • You will not get any SMS or free minutes.

How to Avail this Offer:

  • Although, no need to dial any code. Just simply install the app and you will get the MBs on your smartphone screen.
  • You don’t need to recharge an account to avail of the offer.


  • This offer is valid for 1 day.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The free data can be used for any web browser content. You can use social media or other websites over the internet.
  • The data will be valid only for one day and the next day you will get fresh data free of cost.
  • The speed of the internet will be compromised according to traffic.
  • It is for both prepaid and postpaid customer offer. There is no data time limit.

3 thoughts on “Enjoy Jazz Free MBs Daily by Using Jazz World App”

    • Make sure you are using 4G SIM and check your network area. Some area don’t have 4G that’s why you are experience slow speed.

  1. I have subscribed data package and also the reward MBs but data is being used from subscribed package instead of reward data, how come? What’s the benefit of reward MBs if I can’t use these first?


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