Jazz Hourly Internet Package Extreme Offer 2GB in Rs. 17

Jazz brings you another Jazz hourly internet package to enjoy 2GB of data volume for the next 2 hours. With Jazz Hourly Extreme Offer, you stay online all night.

Did you find any similar package from other mobile broadband companies? You did not. Right? But Jazz knows the value of their customers well and always brings which no one provides you.

That’s why Jazz becomes the Leading Digital company of Pakistan to provide top-notch internet services. Not only this but also provide you perfect packages according to the different needs of users.

With Jazz 2 hour internet package, You will get 2000 MBs which are round about 2GB in the price of Only Rs. 17/- for the next two from the time of subscription.

This is something cool and a unique offer from any broadband company. Not only this but its also such kind of the first offer too.

Do you have some important work to do online or want to check your email But you are not at home, Right? Just active this Extreme hourly package and do your work.

The Extreme also perfect if you want to do important video call on WhatsApp or want to connect with your friends in a specific time.

Such hourly offer not only saves your money but also gives you freedom of package activations.

Jazz Two Hourly Internet Package Details & Validation

Whenever you are along and feeling boring, Let’s subscribe to Hourly Internet bundle and explore Facebook or watch videos on YouTube.

Now you need not spend a lot of money on active weekly or month bundle if you do not need internet all the time.

Just Go with Hourly package and subscribe it when you need it.

You only need a 3G or 4G smartphone and a customer of the Jazz family to enjoy such an awesome internet package

A little bad thing about this offer is, You can not subscribe to this offer between 6 PM – 1 AM. Another bad thing is you can not subscribe the offer multiple times.

Other than this, this offer is great and allow to consume in 2G/3G/4G networks areas.

You can also enjoy video calling services with no additional charges. All you need to have a 4G enabled smartphone.

The 2GB of data is good and if you keep watching videos for two hours, I am pretty much sure, you cannot consume all the data.

Let’s see the complete table of an offer below:

AmountRs. 17/-
Data2000 MBs
Subscription Code**846#
Status Code*117*24*2#
Validity1 day (Next 2 Hours Only)

1. How to Subscribe Hourly Offer?

To subscribe this offer you can dial the Subscription Code *846#. After dialing the code and wait for a few seconds for a confirmation message.

2. How to Check Offer Validity and MB’s?

If you keep exploring the internet or watching videos but don’t know how much volume left for your offer, then you can dial *117*24*2# to check remaining data.

The cost of checking the remaining data is Rs. 0.06 per request.

3. How to Check the Coverage of 4G Area?

Before active the offer, Check the coverage area so you know that the internet works well or not. In case if you are not in the coverage area, Avoid subscribing the offer.

To check 2G/3G/4G coverage area, Please Dial *443*1 with no charges.

After dialing the code, Within a few seconds, You will get the confirmation message about the Jazz 4G services.

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