Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2020 (FREE, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

In a recent survey, Jazz becomes the fastest mobile broadband internet service in Pakistan. They have different packages according to user needs. Mobilink also has some specific bundles for social media lovers such as WhatsApp.

If you are the lover of Whatsapp then you are on the right post because here we will list out all of the bundles that Jazz brings only for Whatsapp.

Like any other Telecom company, Mobilink also has affordable and cost-effective packages for WhatsApp.

Let’s take a look at Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2020, FREE, Daily, Weekly and Monthly with details, subscription code, and price.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular application and nowadays its mostly use all over Pakistan.

WhatsApp is the best mode of communication and a famous platform for everyone. But to make use of this app, Every user wants an affordable internet data bundle, right?

If you are a Jazz customer and on this post, then you can easily active any bundle which full fill your need.

Jazz is the largest network in Pakistan with more than 55 million users. By serving such a big number of users, they bring some new offers for Whatsapp lovers.

All of the Jazz packages for WhatsApp allows customers to enjoy audio/video calling and texting. Only the prepaid customers are eligible for any of the below package.

1. Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages 2020

Whether you are young or mature, You sure love to connect with friends and family members. For this, Whatsapp is the best communication platform. You can make a connection 24 hours a day and enjoy Whatsapp features.
You can share pictures, make videos or audio calls or do SMS.

i) Daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle

Jazz as much variety of packages and let’s start with the daily bundle. In the daily bundle, Jazz gives you very few MBs for WhatsApp which is good for texting only.

But you will also get the 1800 SMS which are lots. So if you love texting on smartphones and as well as WhatsApp then this package will be the perfect choice for you.

This bundle will cost you only Rs. 6 for 24 hours.

Charges6 Rupees
Internet MBs10 MBs
Activation CodeDial *334#
Un-Subscribe CodeDial *334*4#
Validity1 Day

ii) Daily Social Recursive

Jazz another package for daily is a social recursive bundle that gives you 200 MBs data for WhatsApp and as well as Facebook.

All of this in the price of Rs. 5 only. This package didn’t offer any SMS.

Charges5 Rupees
Internet MBs200 MBs (Facebook/WhatsApp)
Activation CodeDial *455#
Un-Subscribe CodeDial Again *455#
Validity1 Day

iii) Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)

Looking for more data and want data for WhatsApp and as well as the internet? This bundle is good in this case. It offers you 100 Mbs for WhatsApp and 1100 MBs (Between 2 AM-2 PM).

It cost you Rs. 20 only for 24 hours.

Charges20 Rupees
WhatsApp MBs100 MBs (WhatsApp Only)
Internet MBs1100 MBs (Between 2 AM-2 PM)
Activation CodeDial *117*4#
Un-Subscribe CodeDial Again *117*4#
Status StringDial *117*4*2#
Validity1 Day

2. Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz has three different WhatsApp packages for weekly. You can active anyone according to your data need. Each package comes with awesome data volume with different offers.

The great thing about Jazz WhatsApp packages it provides free SMS along with data MBs.

Let’s check out each bundle and subscribe to one which you like most.

i) Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS

Looking for reasonable data MBs for top social media apps along with an awesome number of SMS? With this package, you will get 25 MBs and 1000 SMS for a whole week.

The price of this bundle is only Rs. 13/-

ChargesRs. 13
WhatsApp Volume25 MBs
SubscribeDial *101*1*07#
Un-SubscribeDial *101*4*07#
Validity7 Day

ii) Jazz Weekly Social Offer

Do you need massive 1GB data for all of the top social media applications? With Jazz weekly social offer you will get at the price of Rs. 30/-

You will enjoy this data volume for WhatsApp, Facebook and IMO. Its perfect bundle if you big lover of social media sites.

ChargesRs. 30/-
Volume1000 MBs
Validity7 Day

iii) Weekly Bundle-Once Off

Jazz weekly once-off is another great bundle that offers you 25 MBs data for WhatsApp along with 1500 free SMS. The bundle cost only Rs. 25 for a whole week.

Charges15 Rupees
Internet MBs25 MBs (WhatsApp)
Activation CodeDial *445#
Un-Subscribe CodeDial *101*4*07#
How to Check WhatsApp MBsDial 101*3*07#
How to Check SMSDial *101*2*07#
Validity7 Day

3. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz also has a monthly bundle for users who want to run WhatsApp for a whole month. They have two different bundles which include big data volume at an affordable price.

The monthly package is the best choice for users who need big volumes at a low cost. You can choose the bundle which you like most.

i) Jazz Monthly SMS and Whatsapp

Do you love texting through mobile and WhatsApp? With this bundle, you will get 5GB data and 10,000 SMS for a whole month at the price of Rs. 50/-

Now you can stay connected with a friend through SMS and by doing video calling on WhatsApp at the same time.

let’s share pictures and do voice or video calls.

ChargesRs. 50
WhatsApp Volume5 GB (FUP)
Validity30 Day

ii) Jazz Only WhatsApp Package

Jazz is the leading mobile broadband company that also brings you a standalone WhatsApp bundle for users who always use Whatsapp for calling and video sharing.

Now you can get 50 GB data at the price of Rs. 70/- for a whole month.

You will enjoy all the features of WhatsApp whether you want a video call or do text messaging. You can also share pictures and videos with friends.

ChargesRs. 70/-
WhatsApp Data5GB
SubscribeDial *101*1*02#
Un-SubscribeDial *101*4*02#
Validity30 Day

Terms & Condition

  • All of the bundles are without Tax.
  • Any bundle can be changed at any time.
  • Over usage of the data limit will cost you Rs. 1/MB applies to all mobile internet bundles.
  • You can use all of the bundles within the coverage of 2G/3G/4G areas.
  • Checking the remaining data volume will cost you Rs. 0.06.

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