Live Tracker SIM Database Reveals Network Details

Are you tired of recurring calls from an unknown number?  Do you wish to know a particular caller’s identity? All of your problems can be solved by Live Tracker SIM Database, a free phone number tracker.

SIM tracking helps reveal the identity as well as the location of an individual. Whether it is a criminal or an unknown caller, tracking them will show you their name and residence.

Multiple technologies combine to provide e-SIM trackers. These include GPS, Cellular towers, and WiFi. Wherever you may be, as long as you’re connected to one of these, you can be tracked. Multiple types of location trackers exist right now.

Live Tracker locates the position of any SIM (hence, person) by tracing their mobile number. It is free to use and very efficient.

You can search for all data related to the SIM registration such as name, ID card, address, and current location. It is the number one Pakistan Mobile Number tracker.

How does Live Tracker Work?

Live Tracker is a free app that utilizes GPS tracking and a SIM database to give you the exact location and personal information of a SIM owner. All you have to do is enter the number whose information is required in the box.

In order to be able to use Live Tracker, you first need a smartphone. Any iPhone, Android, or another operating system that supports GPS can be used.

In some cases, you may need to enable GPS settings. If you want to use a computer, so can you. There are no equipment restrictions. Now open the real-time tracker application.

You will be prompted to enter the number. Enter a 10-digit mobile phone number in the search options on this page (ignore the beginning 0) to access the name, location, region, and mobile phone number of unknown callers in any province.

Detailed Guide to Live Tracker SIM Database

Now, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide that’ll enable you to track person SIM Number Details without any fuss.

So, there you go!

  • Enter the phone number or e-mail address of the person to be tracked. Also, be patient as you shall be notified of all the databases of his SIM and the current location will be opened on Google Maps.
  • There is no payment on the Live tracker website, therefore do not choose that option.
  • Click on “Trace through a number of mobile devices.”
  • Open the panel for phone tracking (an anti-robot test may be required to access the localization map, which takes only a few seconds)
  • You must know that 100% anonymous and free tracking services are provided by Live Tracker.

Please note that the location of the phone involves the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the CNIL regulations applicable to the collected data.

However, this service is subject to data protection regulations.

Why should You Use Live Tracker SIM Data?

You might be wondering if the live tracker is worth it. Today, smartphones have become part of our daily routine and have directly and indirectly influenced us, providing us with information about our usual commute. We never close the world as it changes daily.

IEMI trackers are important to use for any reason, be it personal, official, or security. That’s why Live Tracker has the best mobile tracking service in Pakistan.  You can easily Track SIM Information by using the mobile number. The live tracker can be an extremely useful tool, especially if parents want to track or take care of the movements of their children or their employer.

Parents often feel pressured to monitor their children’s whereabouts as they move around in society for safety reasons. Monitor your family at all times.

You can check any SIM database with the live tracker. Some important functions of Live Tracker are:

  • It provides a database of millions of numbers that are regularly updated.
  • Provides a database including an E-sim tracker which is updated regularly.
  • It Provides a database including Person Tracker Pro which is updated regularly.
  • Live Tracker SIM data gives you a database including Sim Details 2021 which is updated regularly.

How to get Access to Personal Tracker?

You can download the Live Personal Tracker CNIC app available as an APK. You can also visit the Free Mobile Tracker site for free location tracker services.

These services are available for all SIM networks such as Jazz, Zong or Ufone. The results obtained are accurate and according to the latest updates in the SIM database.

How to Check SIM Database of all Networks in Pakistan

For Jazz:

For checking the verification status of your Jazz SIM, send your CNIC number through SMS to short-code 6001

For Telenor:

Send a blank SMS to the code 7751 and wait for the response. Your verification status will be sent to you via SMS

For Ufone:

Dial USSD code *336#, and a menu will appear. Type 1 on your keypad and an SMS will be sent to you containing the information of your SIM

For Warid:

Send your CNIC via an SMS to system code 789 and you will get a message containing your SIM information

For Zong:

To check Zong SIM owner database, send an SMS ‘V’ to 7911. You will receive your information soon in a reply.


How to check online PTA SIM information?

For accessing PTA SIM information, follow the steps below to check your sim’s information online:

  • The first step in this regard is to go to “
  • On the official website, enter your CNIC number as shown in the form field.
  • In a few seconds, the information on your SIM number will be given in a table
  • The table includes your active SIM number.

How to check PTA SIM information via SMS?

Follow the full steps carefully to check your SMS data:

  • Open your mobile SMS application.
  • In this box without a dash, type your CNIC number.
  • Send your SMS to the 668 USSD.
  • You will receive an SMS Including active SIM information registered on your CNIC number.


Location tracker or IMEI tracker is a very accurate and reliable software that can locate someone’s address, CNIC number, identify, and location, which is something everyone needs nowadays. To get help from this exceptional program and make it work, choose the installation option from the mobile no tracker website.

It also consists of functions such as IMEI checker, license information, CNIC information, online FIR tracking, and car information, so you can access multiple services from a single application. You can access the SIM database of any number while sitting at home comfortably.

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