How to Check SIM Data for Any Network Number

May 6, 2019
How to Check SIM Data

Do you want to know how to check SIM data information including personal ownership details? all the personal information for any network number? In this post, I will guide you to traces for any network mobile number including Zong, Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone.

I will provide you a complete guide to check the details of ower name, CNIC, home address and other important information. I did personal apply this method to find out the phone number details.

By using this method, You will able to get the data till 2016. That means any SIM registered before 2016, You can check the information.

Any SIM which registered after 2016, You will may not able to find the details because the system only has data till 2016.

Furthermore, We have heard the news that they will soon update the database till 2018. After that, you will able to find the information about the SIM which registered before 2018.

The purpose of this article to help you to stop people who do wrong calling to your family members. You can find such people number and contact back to them.

How To Check Any Network Number Data With CNIC or Address

Step 1 :

First of all, You need to go to and register on a website. You need to add a name, username, password and mobile number.

When you enter a phone number, Make sure to add it without Zero (0). If it’s not working then you can enter it like below format:


  • Name: Raja Waqas Ahmed
  • Username: rajawaqas2019
  • Password: iLovezong
  • Number: 03333-1234567

Step 2:

After register successfully, Now you need to login by entering the username and password which you entered while registering on site.


Step 3:

Next, Simply select your country by clicking on the flag. It will redirect you to another page where you will check number details.


Step 4:

Here you will need to enter the mobile phone or CNIC number of a person which you want to check owner details.

After entering the number or CNIC, Hit Enter.
Note: Make sure to enter the phone number without 0. Example 3331234567


Step 5:

Finally, It will show you complete details of the phone number along with their city address, home address, CNIC number, Full name, and any other details.

That’s It! You can see, It shows their phone number, first name, last name, CNIC and address. Enjoy and stop bull shit people to calling you.

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