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Most of the time we fade up with the wrong number calling and SMS. Special the scammer calls you and asks for confidential information. If this is the problem with you then you surely looking for a SIM database online 2022 so you can track him.

There are different methods to handle such scammers or someone who thread you. You can use the 668 SIM Information System to get the details of the phone number owner.

Besides that, there are a few apps and online SIM trackers available that help you to find the detail of a person. Don’t worry, this post is all about, and I am here to help you with finding detailed information about mobile users.

Does SIM Database Online Available? Reality:

Normally the SIM database is not available publically due to some security reason. Some people claim that they have all the databases from all the network operators in Pakistan.  They tell the users that they will provide complete details regarding the number and this includes name, phone number, address, and CNIC number but that’s not true at all. You should be careful while getting in touch with such people.

Many online sites offer paid packages for Trace Mobile Number with Name and claim that when you buy their packages, you will get the complete details of any number. There is no reality. There is a high chance that when you enter the number on such a website they save that number in their own database. Later on, they were able to collect a lot of numbers and then sell out. The buyer’s companies or people use all of these numbers for marketing purposes.

So the question is here than how we can get a number of details?

Well, there are some authentic ways to do so and that’s the reason I am writing this post and guiding you correct information.

How to Track Number Using SIM Database?

One of the applications you sure heard about that is Live Tracker and its works pretty much well. But besides this application, there are many more ways to find get the details of any number and check SIM data.

If you want to track the information regarding the Pakistan number then you can do it by adding the CNIC number. Similarly, you can locate the phone number location and address. The service is free of cost and you can easily find the name of persona, address, and national identity card number of any person. You will be able to trace the location of the nay phone number as well.

Let’s take a look at all the possible ways to track numbers.

Trace Mobile Number with PTA SIM Information System


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority gives mobile customers access to check the number of SIMs on their name. This only system work when you put your or anyone else CNIC number. The system gives you detail on registered calling and data SIM.

To check the Pakistan sim database online, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open any web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • Next, go to the official PTA simdatabase tracker website
  • Now put your CNIC number like 6110123456789
  • Verify the information by checking the I’m not a robot checkbox.
  • Hit submit button and it will show you all the details regarding the active SIMs.

Block Number Using Smartphone Feature

Instead of finding the database for any network operator, you can also use the default android block service. By using this you can easily block any number who calling or SMS you. Follow the below simple steps:

  • Open the Phone app and tap the recent number.
  • Find the number that you want to block and click on the info icon 🛈
  • Scroll down and find the option Block this Caller.
  • Click and Confirm. The number will automatically go to voice mail and will not call you again.

Mobile Tracker for Android App:

There are few Google applications available that help you with tracking sim data using the database. These applications are available for android users and help you to track the stolen mobile and as well as SIM card data.

By adding your mail address and mobile number you can also get the all details about the store information. Here are a few steps you can follow to download the app.

  • Open Google Play store on your phone.
  • Search Online “Pakistan Latest Sim Database
  • Simply install the application and open it.
  • Enter CNIC number and Email address.
  • Submit the details and the search will be shown.

Live Tracker SIM Database

For your convenience, we integrate one of the popular and free SIM databases on our website. You can give it a try and this will surely help you to find correct SIM data. You simply need to enter a mobile number or CNIC and it will find you complete details against the number. This online database system gives you details with name, CNIC, Number, and complete address.

Note: Enter Number With Zero(0). Do not add +92 with the number.

Sim database works well for users from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. You can find any person from these countries such as location, live location or find the address. You will get the Sim ownership and mobile location as well. The most classified details such as CNIC, Name, and address of the person are also available through this web tool.

This pakdata sim allows you to track any person’s cell phone number and this web also tool is based on pakdata cf,, pakdata ga, and

Final Words

Hope you found this post useful and able to get the data of any mobile operator. Just to make sure this method didn’t work on landline numbers. You can only able to find SIM Database Online on any mobile network such as Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone.

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