Telenor 4G SIM Offer: Buy New SIM & Install My Telenor App Get 10GB

Hey! Looking for block bluster offer? With Telenor 4G SIM offer, Let’s Buy a new SIM — Install my Telenor App & Get massive 10GB data volume FREE.

So what you think about this offer? Loving it? And finally, you made a decision to purchase a new sim, RIGHT?

If so than Don’t miss out another Great deal with Telenor New SIM Offer 2019 to Get additional 2GB data on every recharge of Rs. 100/-

This is a superb offer for Telenor customers to enjoy the fastest internet speed with heavy data volume.

It is a limited time offer for new customer’s so let’s avail it right now and move on Telenor 4G network.

Buy A New Telenor 4G SIM & Install My Telenor App to Get 10 GB Bonus Absolutely Free

Let’s visit your nearest Telenor franchise or retail shop along with your original CNIC and request for a New 4G SIM and activate it right away.

The charges if a new sim is only Rs. 200/-

After done the activation through the biometric system. Telenor family will welcome you with both arms open.

Connect your smartphone with any free available WIFI network and get install Telenor application and boom with 10GB data.

Telenor App is available for both Android and iOS users.



My Telenor App 10GB Offer Details

If you never ever on telenor network before, This is the right time to move on telenor to enjoy endless streaming, Stay connect with family.

You surely never experience such crazy free data volume before on any network. But Telenor is here for you with such a big volume without any cost.

You just need a customer of telenor and need to purchase a new SIM.

Check out All of the free incentive, details, validity, and Eligibility.

Offered Incentives:

  • After successful action of new Telenor SIM, Customers need to install their Application and get the 10GB bonus without recharging their account.

How to Avail the Offer:

  • No need to dial any code, let’s buy and install an app. That’s It.

Offer Eligibility:

  • This offer is available only on new SIMs

Data Validity:

  • The offer is valid for 7 Days only.

Let’s Watch Their Promotional Video

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  1. as-salamu alaykum sir I have installed my Telenor application on my new sim I received in education that you have got 10gb for 7 days on my Telenor application but I have not received any sms notification and there is no data on my Telenor apps neither by by dialling * 999# please give me MBS thanks


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