Telenor Free Internet Packages 2019 with Price & Codes

Telenor leading network in Pakistan and one of the top mobile broadband provider. It offers super 4G speed all over Pakistan with their quality service.

Telenor offer you a  lot fo Free Internet Packages in 2019 which you can active without having balance. Find complete details, prices and code.

The company don’t mind to offer valuable unlimited free packages to customer. They offer cost-efficient bundles. Not only this but it also gives some free data to its users.

It’s one of the best networks which offer many free internet Mbs to their customers. It aims to bring as much as users on their networks.

Some of their packages are at very little cost and some of them are totally free. You don’t need to pay anything and you can enjoy different social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Youtube.

For customers who love to use internet free of cost, Telenor provides them different codes which users simply need to dial to active the bundle on their smartphone.

They have some packages where they offer a lot of MBs and even some of GB data to enjoy special applications. Whereas, some bundles give you free hand to access any web content.

#1. Telenor Free 1000MB Internet Package

One of the Telenor most exciting and popular offer now days is 1GB free offer. This offer gives you 1000 MBs data volume to connect your smartphone to the internet and enjoy anything which you want.

This is one of the best offers out there from any broadband company. It’s little FREE of cost at all and you don’t need to pay anything, just need to dial a code and start enjoying the internet.

But the problem it’s applicable on all new SIMS. If you don’t have a SIM you can buy now and avail the offer. This is a one-time bonus offer.

Offer Price Rs. 00
Data Volume 1 GB (1000 MBs)
Subscription Code Just Buy New SIM
Validity 7 Day

#2. Telenor Free WhatsApp Offer

You may be seen ads on Facebook and TVs that the Telenor offer you WhatsApp absolutely free. Yeps! That’s true. Telenor starts offering you 2GB data for WhatsApp without any charges.

All you should be customers of Telenor and need to Dail a simple code *247#. You will enjoy all the features of Whatsapp along with unlimited messaging, images, and video sharing.

Offer Price Rs. 0.01
Data Volume 2 GB (2048 MBs)
Subscription Code Dial *247#
Validity 30 Day

#3. Telenor FREE 500MB Internet Package

Telenor my app is not just an application to manage your account but it also offers free MBs time to times. Sometimes it offers some data to only specific users.

So I would recommend you to install this application on your smartphone if you are crazy about free data.

Currently, they are offering free 500 Mbs internet and to get it, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. If you don’t have already installed application then go to Play Store / App Store
  2. Next, Simple Install My Telenor App
  3. Create an account using your telenor number and Sign in.
  4. After successful login, you will receive 500MB Internet for absolutely FREE for the next 3 days.

#4. Telenor Free Facebook Code 2019

Telenor also offers free facebook along with Twitter and Whatsapp for absolutely free. Its a great deal for users who love social media platform.

  1. Simply open Dialpad
  2. Type *5*325#
  3. You can now enjoy 100MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter for 1 whole day in Rs. 0

#5. Telenor Free Internet Code 2019

There are some secret codes which normally telenor don’t show on their official website or advertise them. You can dial them and get free MBs.

Acutally these offers which Telenor only post on their My Telenor application to promote it. They offer such free data to users so they install their application on their smartphone.

To get the free internets MBs by using code, The customer needs to dial Telenor free MB code by following this instruction.

  1. Lets, Dial *345*477#
  2. After dialing the code, you will get a confirmation message that you successfully get the free internet data from telenor.
  3. Now you can use the internet but if you want to check remaining data MBs, You can dial *999#

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