Telenor Free Internet Code & Unlimited Internet Tricks 2019

There are many ways to use Telenor free internet and here you will find some great tricks 2019, code and proxy methods to use unlimited data MBs.

Moreover, Telenor also offers you free internet bundles for it’s new and existing customers. I will share some of that offer as well.

Telenor is one of the top networks which also offers you free internet packages without having balance for it’s new and existing customers.

If you don’t have money, no more worry about it. Just follow our today post and get active the internet on your Telenor prepaid SIM to start enjoying popular social media applications and internet websites.

In addition, you may have heard about using VPN and free proxy to use the free internet, right? But did you ever try to explore how these applications work?

Many of you may not but don’t worry, I will guide you about these application step by step so you can connect with the internet without any cost.

The tricks I will share you are working 100%. Without writing more, Let’s go through the list and apply one of the following methods to activate the internet on your SIM.

#1. Telenor Free Internet UC Browser & Handler

The simple and easiest method to use the free internet on Telenor 4G SIM is using UC Browser & Handler. It’s quite an easy method and all you have to do some of the basic settings.

You need to apply the setting on your smartphone and then use the UC browser to enjoy free internet. Let’s follow the steps:

  1. Go to your smartphone Settings and open Mobile Network
  2. Next, create a new Access Point
  3. In the APN field, Add: internet
  4. Set Proxy:
  5. Port: 80
  6. NOw open UC Browser to use FREE Internet on your Telenor SIM

#2.Telenor Free Internet Code 2019

By using the free internet code, you can easily activate free bundle on your telenor SIM. This method gives you a good amount of MBs which you can use on social media and internet sites for a whole week.

Remember the MBs are not fixed. Sometime telenor gives you around 1GB data by using this code and sometimes they give you around 500 MBs.

Follow these steps to activate the free offer:

  1. Dial *345*477# from your smartphone
  2. After dialing this code, you will receive a confirmation message that you have successfully received FREE Telenor internet data
  3. To Check remaining resources data (MBs / GBs) dial *999#

#3. Telenor FREE Internet – Get 500MB

Who doesn’t know my telenor app? If you are not aware of this application then you are losing too many data MBs. It’s telenor Offical application where you will not only get free MBs but also get great offers.

Telenor posts their latest offers and discounted offers on their official application only. If you use this application regularly then you will surely found out some amazing deals.

Let’s follow these simple steps and get 500 MBs free of cost for 3 days.

  1. Open Play Store / App Store
  2. Simply find and Install My Telenor App
  3. Create account using your Telenor Number and Sign-in
  4. After successful login, you will receive 500MB Internet for absolutely FREE for the next 3 days.

#4. Telenor Free Internet Proxy 2019

Another useful trick of using free internet with Telenor is using Proxy. Many of you already heard about this method but may don’t know how to use this method to get free internet.

Don’t worry, I will share you a few of simple steps which you can follow to enjoy the connectivity of the internet. With this method, you will able to access free facebook, twitter, UC browser, opera, and many other apps.

You will also enjoy videos sites such as youtube and watch HD movies.

  1. Let’s download and install the Freedom APK
  2. Open the app and press Connection.Type Your-Freedom.comin server
  3. Select Mobilink Jazz (Pakistan)
  4. Choose DNS Connection Mode
  5. Next, Type 443 in the Port field and the press Start Connection.
  6. That’s it! Now you can enjoy free internet.

#5. Telenor Free Internet by HTTP Injector

By using the HTTP Injector app, you can enjoy free internet on Telenor SIM without having any balance or charges. Just follow these simple step:

  1. Go to Google App Store and find the latest version of HTTP Injector.
  2. Simply download and install it in your smartphone.
  3. Agree with
  4. Terms & Conditions” by just clicking the check box and Press File button which will be located near Settings menu.
  5. Now you need to import configuration file (Please visit here for details). Just click on import button to add the file.
  6. Open the directory where you have download the Configuration file and open it.
  7. After that, you need to add an SSH account in the settings (SSH Accounts are required to bypass your proxy to another region/country)
  8. If you don’t know how to create SSH account then you can visit Fast SSH in order to create free account. You simply need to add IP address along with username and password.
  9. Next open the HTTP Injector application again and open the settings.
  10. Now you need to re-enter the IP Address with username and password that you already set in the FastSHH (You will require to recreate/renew your SSH account after every 3 days).
  11. Let’s press Start button and you are done .
  12. Enjoy using free Telenor Internet using HTTP Injector App.

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