Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package 2020 Offer 4GB Data

Do you need data for WhatsApp and want it at a cheap price? Now with Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package 2020, you can enjoy massive 4GB data volume in the only price of Rs. 25/-

WhatsApp is a top social media app and widely used platform. When we talk about Pakistan, it’s the most useful application and everyone wants to stay connected with their lovers.

But many users don’t want to pay too much on the internet. They don’t want to use all the internet and other social media apps.

You are not lithe limited to any of the WhatsApp features. You can do voice or video calling to anyone at any time.

That’s wahoo! Amazing offer. Don’t you think?

Not only this but you can also share pictures of your children and family members to other lovers. Stay connected with them all the time.

Do unlimited messages and chat. Enjoy watching videos and share your life funny movement at a time within the data limit.

All of this at the price of Rs. 25/- only for a whole month.

Enjoy 4GB with Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package 2020

Telenor Whatsapp 4GB Monthly Package can subscribe though only my Telenor App. There is no subscription code available for this offer.

So if you want to activate the offer on your Telenor number then you should have a smartphone and simply install my telenor App from the google play store.

Pro Bundle: Let’s checkout Telenor Monthly WhatsApp & Facebook package & get 3GB data at affordable price.

After installing the application, You need to create an account using your Telenor number and go to promotion to activate the offer.

WhatsApp Incentives:

  • For a whole month, you will get 4GB data volume.

How to Active offer:

  • To active the offer, you need to install my telenor app and subscribe to it.


  • The cost of the offer is Rs.25/- including all Tax.


  • This offer is valid for only 30 days.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The data limit is 4GB and using WhatsApp without package will cost you Rs.1/MB.
  • You will not be charged anything extra if you share your location from WhatsApp.
  • The offer is valid for 30 Days only and subscribe will be informed when bundle expires.
  • All of prepaid including Djuice customers are eligible with this offer.
  • If you have any issue with the internet, You can free SMS “internet” and send it to 131 to get the internet settings for your smartphone.
  • Make sure you have at least a balance of Rs. 0.01 to start using the WhatsApp. With zero balance the offer will not work because of internet session can’t be initiated.
  • If the customer changes their package the WhatsApp bundle will expire and need to activate it again.

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