Ufone TikTok Package 2020 Watch Unlimited Videos

Ufone TikTok Package

Due to the heavy demand for Video content, Ufone Tiktok Package 2020 launch with exceptional data volume. Now the customers of Ufone can watch unlimited videos over popular social applications.

As we know the TikTok mobile app getting much recognition nowadays. Everyone loves to use it. Want to watch and record the video. But the problem is mobile 4G data is a bit expensive and many users can’t afford it.

Mostly students and school-going guys use Tiktok a lot and they have limited pocket money. Such users always looking for something cheap.

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Therefore, companies like Ufone always come with specific app bundles that are low cost and offer more data. Such packages limit you to use internet data on one application.

Sometimes companies apply more limits such as time limits to reduce the cost of the bundle. Normally such timing is the night where their network doesn’t have a load of users.

Anyway, Ufone still working on launch such a specific bundle for Tiktok, and as soon they bring, we will list here.

But that’s doesn’t mean you can’t use the Tiktok using the UFone internet. Here I am going to list out a few considerable packages that are the perfect choice for video content such as Youtube or Tiktok.

Ufone TikTok Package Mega Night

If you are really on a short budget then you need to compromise on timing and get active the mega TikTok offer. This offer valid between 1 AM to 8 AM.

With this offer, you will get 2GB data at the cost of Rs. 15 only. This offer perfect for the people who can have a long night.

Charges Rs.15+ tax
Night Data 2GB
How to Subscribe Dial *550#
Validity 1 AM to 8 AM / Daily

Ufone Weekly TikTok Internet Plus

If the budget isn’t a big issue for you then you can go with the Weekly Ufone TikTok offer. Here you will get 6GB of data at the price of Rs. 175.

Just to make sure the 6GB data includes 3GB from 1 am to 8 am. This bit bad thing but do recording at day time. and watch videos at night time.

Charges Rs.175+ tax
Night Data 6GB (includes 3GB from 1am to 8am)
How to Subscribe Dial *260#
Validity 7 Days

Super Monthly Ufone Tiktok Internet Plus

One of another Ufone Tiktok Package is a super plus. I personally didn’t recommend this bundle to the customers who already have a low budget. My suggestion to wait a few more months, may ufone bring something super exciting or you can use the Weekly bundle.

There is no doubt that the Super Plus Tiktok offers you 13GB data whereas you can use 8GB for anything and 5GB for WhatsApp.

But the problem is the cost which is too high. You have to pay Rs. Rs. 499. Have a look at the details.

Charges Rs. 499 (load)
Night Data 13GB (includes 5GB for WhatsApp Only)
How to Subscribe Dial *290#
Validity 30 Days

General Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes.
  • Out of bundle will cost you the default rate.
  • All features of Tiktok are free and you can use them within the data limit.
  • Watching and Recording both are free and no extra cost.
  • Checking the remaining resources will cost you Rs. 0.10 paisa.
  • Each internet session reserves some data volume to improve user experience.

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