How to Do Zong 4G Device Settings: A Complete Guide

Today, We are going to share you a complete guide to Zong 4G Device Settings which help you make the device secure and give access to its awesome features.

These setting will help you to change the password of the interface, reset the device, Wifi, network setting and many more.

Also, it will help you how you can use the device’s interface¬†and what are the features which help you.

When you buy a brand new Zong 4G or 3G Device, You don’t need to do any settings before using it. But few things you should know which help you to active new package, check remaining balance, change WIFI password and a lot more.

In this article, We are more focus on USB/Wingle device settings but if you are looking for the guide about smartphone then here we have explained Zong 4G internet Setting for Android with steps by steps which help you to make work the internet on smartphones.

But may sure you have activated the device and package, Also you should know your wifi password which you can find inside the device.

To know your wifi password, You have to open the cover of the device and here you will find WIFI Key which will be your device wifi password.

There is few other information you will find such as model number, SSID, and IP.

How Access Zong 4G Device Settings

The IP (It will be an important thing because by entering the IP in the browser, you will able to open the device interface where you can do all the setting of the device and can access some extra features and services.

Zong 4G Device Portal Login

If you are using Laptop or computer then you may not remember the IP because when you connect the device with a computer, it will automatically install the software and open the setting page automatically in the browser.

But while using the device only on mobile, You have to type the IP in a mobile browser to open the setting page and get access to other device features.

Zong Device Interface Settings

The Zong device interface has a lot of features which you can use. The device provides some great and useful services which allow you to check the remain data volume, check remaining balance, update your master number and know your MBB number.

When open device interface, it will ask you to log in and the default username/password is “admin” for all Zong USB or Wingle devices.

But if the “admin” username/password not work that means you have changed. In this case, you can do reset your device to refresh and it will take some time to do reset.

After resetting the device, you can try again username/password “admin”

After successfully login, click on setting tab and here you will find Dail-up, WLAN, Security, and System. Remember you don’t need to do any changes in Configure Profile Settings area.

Let’s have a look at the complete settings of the device.

1. Network Settings

In Dail-up area, you can do changes in Network Settings, You have the option to select the preferred network. It allows you set the 2G, 3G or 4G. To get maximum internet speed, you have to leave it in auto mode.

2. WLAN Basic Settings

The WLAN is the area where you can change your device WIFI password. You can see the WPA pre-shared key and when you click on the checkbox next to Show password, it will show the password.

If you want to change it, simply type new password and save the settings.

3. Security Settings

The Security setting area where you don’t need to change anything if you don’t know what you are doing. It is related to 4G¬†device settings and does wrong here, may your device stop working.

4. System Settings

The system settings area is something interesting. It shows you all the device information, allow you to modify the password of a user interface, do restore the device setting to defaults and also you can do reboot your device.

That’ an all about the setting of Zong 4G Device, hope this will help you.

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4 thoughts on “How to Do Zong 4G Device Settings: A Complete Guide”

  1. i reset my device and when i plug inn and give login pass. it provide updation and in 2nd part where he needs to update password i give pass but it says you old pass is wrong. What should i do?
    How can i resolve that issue?

    • You can try both username and password “admin” If still not working then try to add username “admin” and add a new password with more than 7 characters.

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