How to Block Zong Number using Blocking Service

Did you tire with unwanted calls & SMS? The Zong blocking service brings you a way to block the Zong number. We are going to share a trick which you can use to block any annoying number and stop it by sending you SMS or do call.

This service is specially designed for users who can stop the people who try to disturb you. By using this service, you can get rid of all the unwanted callers. The blocking service allows you to block obnoxious Calls as well as SMS. You can block up to 50 numbers and manage the block list from time to time.

This service is really great because it also offers an international number blocking facility. You can not only block a local number but also block any international number without any extra charges. This is a multi-lingual service that caters to the need of every user.

How to Block Zong Number & SMS

This service is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. To block any number, you simply need to Dial *420# from your handset and get rid of any unwanted caller.

The service charges of Rs. 15 including all the taxes per month will be applied.

Just to make sure, this service doe does not offer the whitelist features which allow blocking all the calls except a certain number.

You can only block the number which you will add to the blocking list by using code.

Subscription Code SUB to 420
Un-subscription UNSUB to 420
Charges Rs 15 per month
Editing Charges 1+Tax/call

How to block and unblock numbers through SMS channel?

To block any number, Write ‘Block(space)<number>’ and send to 420
To unblock, Write ‘Unblock(space)<number>’ and send to 420


This service provides you with three unique features. You can block Calls or SMS and also allow to manage the block number list. You can easily edit the list by the unsub.

  • Call Block
  • SMS Block
  • Manage Block List

How to subscribe:

  • Simply dial 420
  • Send ‘sub’ to 420

How to unsubscribe:

  • Dial 420
  • Send ‘unsub’ to 420


  • Rs. 15/month
  • Rs. 1/call
  • SMS Charges: On-net SMS(as per respective package plan)

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