Zong Cheapest Internet Package in Lowest Price [Updated 2019]

January 15, 2019
Zong Cheapest Internet Package

Are you looking for the cheapest internet package? The No # 1 Data network Zong brings you the most affordable data bundle at a very reasonable price.

As the race of 4G mobile internet started in Pakistan, All of the mobile companies start providing their internet packages at very reasonable rates. Today I am going to share you how you can get Zong cheapest internet package at the lowest possible price.

The package I am going to share, it will cost you a very low rate per month with good data volume.

You know that technology never ends that’s the reason Zong bring high-speed internet which is called 4G. It provides super fast mobile internet that will leave an overwhelming experience.

The high-speed internet gives you full freedom of continuous streaming, browsing, videos, movies and much more. It provides you the faster download of your large size files, playing online games and easy access to your social media networks.

Zong 4G is offering very low price internet for their prepaid customers and provide their service in 240+ different areas with 10, 000 towers.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your internet connection. Just comes with Zong, it’s amazing and very cheapest at the moment.

I bet you;

No other company provides you such most affordable 4G services. We can hope that other companies also offer flexible packages to compete with the Zong. But at the present Zong 4G win the race in terms of quality, price, data volume, and coverage area.

I am going to guide you and tell you how it is so cheapest and fastest internet as compared to all other internet connections.

How Zong 4G Internet Package Cheapest?

The purpose of my post is to share you how you can get 4th Generation Internet as low price. I was using EVO Wingle 3G before. They were providing 30GB data in 1500/month which were a little bit expensive, but I was happy with it because they were providing excellent services.

From mid of 2014, they start charging 2500/month for 30GB which surprise me. At that time I shocked how PTCL was going to be too expensive.

Now it’s time;

I should need to think and need to change my connection, so I explore different internet provider companies.

Finally, I get to know Zong 4G, and it’s amazing Zong Super Weekly Max which 10GB data in only Rs. 200/- per week including all tax.

If I calculate per month, It cost Rs 600/month and give a 30GB data volume.

Zong Super Weekly Max 10GB Offer

1. Compare Zong 4G with CharJi Cloud

When I search out different internet provider and try to calculate the prices and internet data. I get to know that Zong is extraordinary cheapest and faster 4G internet.

The CharJi Cloud at the moment cost you Rs. 1250/- per month and gives you 30 GB data. But with the max offer, you will get the same data in only Rs. 600/-

2. Compare Weekly Max with MBB 36GB Package

If you check the MBB packages, you will find that it will cost you Rs. 1500/- per month for 36GB so why not we subscribe with the super weekly max offer to get the almost same data volume in more than half price?

3. Super Weekly Max

Now if you look at Zong weekly max offer you will find that they provide you 10GB data in the price of Rs. 200/- with all Taxes.

4. Remarks

The purpose of my post just helps out people to select perfect Internet Package in the lowest possible cost. I try to assist you in the selection of the cheapest internet connection with very reasonable price. I always try to share what I learn.

If you need any kind of my help related to this Internet Package, please leave a comment I will try my best to guide you. Thanks

I know that other mobile broadband companies offer very low rates and more GBs. I will come up with more posts related to lowest internet from other mobile companies soon. Stay tuned!

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