Zong Package

Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package


MBs of Free Internet Data

Valid Between: +500 MBs Data for YouTube for a whole day.

1 Days


Rs. 38

Excluding Taxes.

Package Details

Another one-day bundle from Zong is Zong Daily Max Internet Package offering 500MB Data + 500MB YouTube. The max bundle can activate by paying Rs. 38 (incl. tax).

By spending Rs. 38 + Tax, you can enjoy all the social and web apps without a time limit. Also, explore videos and watch favorite videos on Youtube.

Zong Zong Max Daily 3G or 4G Package, Zong customers can consume up to 500MBs + 500MBs YouTube of internet with-in 24 hours. The offer is good if you need more MBS but a bit expensive.

How to Activate Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package

  • Offer Recharge Required: Rs. 50
  • To subscribe: Dial *5# or *6464#
  • Validity: 1 Day

Terms & Conditions

  • You can activate this bundle with any other internet offer.
  • The data volume will consume first from this offer. After all consumption, you will move to your previous plan.
  • If you don’t have any plan, then you will charge Rs 1 per MB.
  • This offers auto-renews on a daily basis. If you don’t have a balance or recharge your account, the offer will not be active.
  • If you charge your account within 3days, this offer automatically activated so make sure to deactivate this offer if you don’t want to use it for the next day.
  • This max Zong offer allows you to download any important information including video content.
  • Downloading videos from Youtube will consume the MBs from the internet bundle.
  • Watching videos on Youtube will consume the data from Youtube 500MBs bundle.
  • All the remaining MBs from Youtube will not rollover.
  • You can utilize Youtube MBs on Tapmad TV services.
  • The minimum Charging pulse of default usage is 1MB
  • Without Zong Max bundle activation, you will charge Rs.4+Tax/MB.
  • After using all the MBs from the bundle will cost you Rs. 1/MB.
  • Taxes are applied when you activate this package. The Sale Tax is 19.5%
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge.

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  1. When you reactive any pakage withour customers demand it is totally wrong and incorrect this is an offence that without coustomers demand you as a zong authority reactive the pakege without coustimers demand I will complain abot this unfair offence in the knowledge of PTA Authorities. AYAZ.


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