Zong Data SIM Internet Packages 2019 with Complete Details

Zong Data SIM Packages

Zong Pakistan is the fastest 4G internet provider. It offers a different kind of internet services to Pakistani users. The company also target different types of users and full to their needs.

One of their service called data or internet SIM. It’s a special SIM which comes with a lot of 4G packages. All of the packages are monthly basis but with different data volume and prices.

All of the Zong Data SIM Packages 2019 are affordable with high volume. You can choose anyone according to your monthly internet data need.

The cheapest package offer from Zong for the internet SIM user can be active in Rs. 750 and the highest package price goes up to Rs. 3,250/-

These packages are somewhat similar to the 4G device in terms of price and data but have more variety. It offers you low-cost bundles with less volume. That’s what you can’t find in Zong 4G devices.

Furthermore, the company also offer you three months plan on the data SIM where they give you a specific amount of data volume for every month in more less price.

If you are a regular internet user then you can go with their three-month plan to save more money and get more data.

Another beauty of Zong data SIM internet packages is that you can activate the day time offer (DTO) and goodnight offer (GNO) with any of monthly bundle to get extra data at low cost.

Without wasting you’re more of time, let’s go through the list. We have divided the bundles into three different categories so you can easily know.

#1. One Month Zong Data SIM Packages

The users on the Zong network first choice is one-month plans because they don’t want to spend much money in advance. All of these plans come with different data volume with the same validity of one month.

Zong offers five different packages for internet SIM users to enjoy. The fist bundle they offer at the price of Rs. 750 which is the cheapest bundle in the list.

Whereas the 100GB bucket cost you Rs. 3250/- per month. It’s up to you how much data you need and how much you have a budget.

You are not bound to any of package and can choose anyone which you like.

Volume Price Validity
4GB + 4GB(4AM-4PM) Rs. 750 30 Days
12GB + 12GB(4AM-4PM) Rs. 1200 30 Days
30GB Rs. 1500 30 Days
50GB Rs. 2000 30 Days
75GB (Free Nights 1AM – 9AM Up to 100GB) Rs. 3250 30 Days

#2. Three Month Zong Internet Plans

Do you want to save money and ready to pay advance money? Why not subscirbe any of three-month plan which keeps you enjoying the internet for next three without interrupted.

Its a win-win situation for both customers and company. The company will able to book the customers for the next three month and the customer will get a massive discount with the same data volume.

The cost of the 12GB bundle from one moth plan is Rs. 1200 but the same bundle from the three-month plan will cost you Rs. 2790. That’s mean you are going to save Rs. 810/-

If you need internet almost every day and you are permanent users then I would recommend going with three months plans.

Volume Price Validity
3GB/Month Rs. 1150 90 Days
12GB/Month Rs. 2790 90 Days

#3. Night Month Zong Addons Buckets

Zong loves to provide additional facility to its customers. They know what customers looking for and that’s why they offer you extra plans.

You can active these night plans along with any of one monthly plan. Just to make sure all of these plans are not valid for three months plans.

Also, All of the night plans can’t be subscribe to itself. You should have active internet bundle on your SIM.

Volume Price Validity
DTO (1GB/Day (9 AM – 4 PM) Rs. 570 As Per Bundle
GNO (1GB/Day 1:00 AM to 09:00 AM) Rs. 230 As Per Bundle

Terms and Condition

Here we have some important terms and condition which you can read to know more about these packages.

  • To active any bundle, You can Dial *6666# from your SIM.
  • The prices of all the bundles are inclusive Tax so you don’t worry about the Taxes.
  • If you don’t have internet SIM, You can buy it from the nearest CSC/Franchise or Retailer.
  • You can use the internet SIM in 4G enable the smartphone to enjoy these packages.
  • The internet SIM also compatible with all the Zong MBB devices and dual SIM smartphones or tablet.
  • Any of bundle isn’t auto-renew and after expiring, You need to subscribe it again if needed.
  • If you are out of bundle volume but within the validity and have balance then it will charge you Rs.0.15/MB
  • If you consume all the data before expiry data and want to re-subscribe it again, You can do that by deactivate the previous bundle and then resubscribe new bundle again.

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