Zong Facebook Packages 2020 (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Are you looking for all of the latest Zong Facebook Packages 2020? The No #1 network offers you FREE, daily, a weekly and monthly package for their customers.

All of these packages are cost-effective with good data volume. You can choose anyone who fits your needs.

Zong (Previously know as Pak Tel) was official introduce their calling service in 2008. At that time, It was a small Telecom operator in Pakistan and offer only calling services.

In 2019, It’s 9 years old company and much reliable as compared to elder days. It’s fastest-growing and as well the 4Th largest Telecom network in all over the world.

But a few years back, It gets the license of 4G and starts offering great internet packages. At the start, they only offer small 3G and 4G packages with less data volume and high in price.

Now Zong is much growing and becomes the faster mobile internet operator in Pakistan. Also due to high competition, They bring some great and money-saving packages.

They already introduce many internet packages for their customers which included daily, weekly, monthly and as well as social bundles for specific social apps.

Today, We will list out their best packages for Facebook social media app with code, price, details and activation code.

Without talking more about it, Let’s go through the list and choose a package that fascinates you.

#1: Zong Daily Facebook Package

If you are a daily user of Facebook but sometimes you don’t like to use it then you can go with a daily facebook package.

The package is cheapest so far from Zong for their social media lovers. It’s cost you only Rs. 5/- per with the data limit of 50 MBs

This package also knows as “Facebook Social Pack” and It can be used only for facebook. You can’t access other social media applications such as WhatsApp.

If you try to access other content over the web, It will charge you as per the default rate which is always not recommended because of the high price.

Let’s find out all the details of a package including price and activation code.

Amount Rs. 5/-
Facebook MBs 50 MBs
Subscription Code Dial *6464#
How to Un-Subscribe Dial Again *6464#
Validity One Day

#2: Zong Daily Social Package

In the daily section, The company has another bundle for Facebook Fans. With the daily social package, The customer can taste of Facebook along with WhatsApp and Twitter as well.

So this package is much better than the above daily bundle because you will able to enjoy WhatsApp and Twitter as well if you can spend Rs. 10/- per day.

Amount Rs. 10 +Tax
Data MBs (Facebook/WhatsApp & Twitter) 100 MBs
How to subscribe Dial *6464#
Check Remaining Social Volume Dial *102#
Validity 1 Day

#3: Zong Weekly Facebook Package

Zong doesn’t have any weekly packages for facebook. Currently, The only offer data internet package on a weekly basis. So don’t be confused and stay tuned for updates.

Hopefully, they will bring a package for Facebook lovers so they can enjoy such a popular social media app all long a week.

#4: Zong Monthly Facebook Package

Similar to weekly, The Zong currently doesn’t have any special Facebook Package For Monthly. You can subscribe to any monthly data bundle to enjoy Facebook and other social media application.

I heard some news that they are working on that and soon will bring a package for Facebook for their customers so they can access such a great app for a whole month.

So finally great news is here. Zong just brings you a Facebook offer for monthly usage. Now you can enjoy 8GB of the biggest volume at the cheapest price of Rs. 50+ Tax only.

Amount Rs. 50 +Tax
Data MBs (Facebook/WhatsApp & Twitter) 8 GB
How to subscribe Dial *250#
Check Remaining Social Volume Dial *102#
Validity 30 Day

#5: Zong Free Facebook

If you don’t have money but still want to explore Facebook than you can activate free facebook offer and enjoy its basic features.

With free facebook, You will not able to see photos or watch a video over Facebook. But you can read the post, update status and post comments on friend’s posts.

To use the Facebook free of cost, You need to Turn ON data and go to Facebook or simply visit the free.facebook.com

Amount FREE
Internet Data MBs Unlimited
Validity Life Time

#6: Zong Free Facebook Messenger Offer

For Facebook users, Zong also brings you free access to Facebook messenger. Now you can share pictures, videos, and messages on messenger without any cost.

You can simply turn ON data and install messenger applications from the play store to enjoy it’s all features free of cost.

This offer available for prepaid customers.

#7: Zong Free Facebook with Photos

Don’t have money to enjoy Facebook with photos? Zong brings you an offer which you can activate to get access to Facebook with all rich media content for 14 days.

This is the first time any mobile 4G company offers you such a great deal to enjoy. It’s a limited time offer so you need to little hurry to avail it.

The offer only for new customers who don’t have any account on facebook using their Zong number. So let’s create an account on Facebooking using your Zong 4G number and start enjoying it’s all features free of cost.

Charges FREE
Internet Data Volume Unlimited
Validity 14 Day

Terms and Conditions

  1. All the above mention packages only valid for Facebook and it’s the messenger. You can enjoy all features of Facebook including audio, video, sharing photo & video, and audio/video calling
  2. Free Facebook packages have limitations.
  3. You can’t subscribe to two packages at the same time on the same number.

We did try to include all the packages for Facebook. But will keep updating the post as any other facebook package will be announced from Zong.

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