Zong Free Internet Packages 2020 with Codes

Zong Free Internet Packages 2019 with Price & Codes

Zong has a lot to offer their customers. Today we have listed Zong Free Internet Packages 2020 with details, price & subscri0ption code.

There are many posts over the internet which is talking about Zong packages but when I search out I didn’t find out one which only listed free packages so the users can easily pick one.

This post is going to solve your problem. I will only list out the buckets which are absolutely free or require to load some amount to get free resources.

We know that the Zong has multiple variants of packages ranging from daily, weekly and monthly 4G. Similarly, they also offer some specific social bundles which give more data at less price.

When we talk about its free bundles, we didn’t find out too many packages from Zong but of course, we have some amazing offers which we can avail to enjoy the internet.

However, if you are really short of money then you can go with Zong free internet tricks to enjoy unlimited internet. Sometimes these tricks work well and give you a lot of data.

Anyway, Let’s go through the list and see what are the packages from Zong which are absolutely free. Remember there some of the offers which are limited time only.

#1. Zong Free 4GB Internet Package 2020

One of their most existing offers is Zong My App offer which gives you 4GB biggest data volume. It’s absolutely free offer without any cost.

In addition, you even don’t need to dial any code. Just go to Google Play Store and find search this application for installation into your smartphone.

Your job to install this app and create an account using your Zong number. That’s All.

Price Free
Data Volume 4 GB
Validity 7 Days

#2. Zong FREE 3G/4G Package for Facebook 2020

Are you a big Fan of Facebook social media sites? If so then don’t wait and just download it from Google play store if you don’t have already installed.

Zong now offers you unlimited access to Facebook with its basic features without any charges. There is no subscription required for this package as well. All you have to switch the data mode.

Let’s follow these steps to activate free Facebook.

  • Go to Facebook and see a Data with the button on the top right.
  • Just click on the Data Mode button to switch into Free Mode.
  • That’s it.
Charges FREE
Internet Data Volume Unlimited
Validity Unlimited

3. Zong FREE WhatsApp Package 2019

WhatsApp is the most useful application in Pakistan and how can Zong forget it. Zong brings you free WhatsApp offer for the whole month to enjoy unlimited data.

You will get 4GB data for a whole month to share pictures, videos or do video calling. This package is only valid for prepaid customers.

By just dialing the direct code *247# you can activate it on your Zong SIM.

Charges FREE
Internet Data Volume 4GB
How to subscribe Dial *247#
Validity 30 Day

#4. Zong New SIM Free Internet 2020

You don’t have Zong SIM? Why not buy one in Rs. 100/- and eligible with this new SIM offer. It’s an amazing offer which gives you 2GB of data free for the next 3 days.

Now you can enjoy the internet all day with this super offer. Just buy a new SIM and activate it right away to get freebies.

Charges FREE
Internet Data Volume 2GB
How to subscribe Dial *10#
Validity 3 Day

#5. Zong SIM Lagao Free Internet Package

Do you have a Zong SIM but you are not using it? Why not insert your SIM now and avail awesome values of stuff? Now with Zong band SIM offer you will get 4GB internet along with 6000 minutes and SMS.

So if you are not using your SIM from the last 30 days then you are eligible with this offer. The great thing about this package you will get resources for 60 days. That’s great.

Recharge Needed Rs. 50/-
Zong On-net 6000 Minutes
All Network SMS 6000
Free Internet Data 4000 MBs
Subscription: *2244#
Validity 60 Day

What do you think about all of these free Zong packages? Did you find anyone useful for you? let us know in the below comment section.

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