Zong Successfully Test 5G Services in Pakistan

Zong Pakistan – A China Mobile (CMPak) become the first Pakistani network who successfully test its 5G services.  There is no official launch date from Zong but they able to trial the 5G network on the nation’s Independence day.

The pioneer of 4G in Pakistan is now the first and only telecom which able to offer world fastest internet very soon. By doing such a test, they able to spearheading digital innovation.

By doing the 5G test, it put the Pakistan one the elite list of countries which have successfully done 5G trials.

Furthermore, the company able to achieve another milestone of 13 million 4G customers with 11,000+ 4G towers. This is clearly the success of the company all over Pakistan.

At the movement, Zong is leading the market with more than 11,000 4G cell sites and laergest4G customers. It is also the first company who’s launch 4G in Pakistan.

In addition, it is first to reach the more 13 million 4G customers mark and first to conduct 5G trial. The company in the way to build a digital future of Pakistan.

Zong Becomes First Successfully Test 5G Services

There is no doubt about that Zong CMPAK promise to deliver the best-in-class services to meet the communication needs of millions of Pakistan broadband users.

Wang Hua, Chairman, and CEO of Zong said,

“We are excited to announce that, today, Zong CMPAK has successfully conducted trials on its 5G network and has become the first and only network to do so. We are committed in our resolve to provide our customers with state-of-the-art communication and digital experience. Through our successful 5G trials, we just gave a glimpse of how the future of mobile connectivity will unfold and Pakistan will soon start to experience, “said Wang Hua, Chairman, and CEO, Zong 4G.

He continued saying that “We just brought future closer and opened an array of infinite possibilities for our valued customers”

Zong 5G test is a treatment to their commitment to offering most cutting edge and advanced solution for their customers. It will lead to new technologies in Pakistan.

Once again the company has proven that only they can provide top quality services to Pakistan subscriber.

The company believes that this 5G technology will bring more profound and long-term changes to Pakistan’s economic, social progress and people’s livelihood improvement in the future.

Not only this but it will also impact on health care, agriculture and education.

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