Zong Super Weekly Plus Package 2019 Offer 7GB in Rs. 160/-

Now get 7GB of mobile internet data with this weekly offer from Zong. With Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer 2019, You will enjoy 7GB MBs data for a whole week.

All of Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G prepaid customers are eligible for this offer. You will get the highest mobile internet volume at the price of Rs. 160/- only.

Zong’s always try to bring something amazing for their customers. They aim to provide super fast speed with more data volume at a reasonable price.

Everyone loves more data volume but sometimes you don’t want to spend more money and looking for something cheap, right? If so then go ahead with Zong Super Weekly offer which cost you only Rs. 160/-

What you think of getting 7168 MBs data volume for a whole week in Rs. 160/- only? Don’t you think it’s superb and big?

Yep, It is and by using this plus weekly offer, you have full access to web content. You can do video streaming, web search, and access social media sites.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Offer 2019 Lets You Enjoy 7GB for a Week

The data is big so no need to fear of doing web streaming and didn’t restrict you to use the internet. Let’s stay connected with your family and lover with this offer.

The price is the bit higher than a simple weekly bundle but its just Rs. 40 rupees ahead and you are getting the double volumes.

This offer isn’t auto-renew and you have to activate it again after a week but if you consume all the data before a weekend, You can still re-subscribe this offer again by the first deactivating.

Let’s have a look at the complete details of this offer below:

Charges Rs.160/-
Internet Data Volume 7GB
How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Dial *6464# or *20#
Validity 7 Day

Offered Incentives:

  • With this offer, The Zong customers will get 7GB data internet for a whole week.

How to Activate the Offer:

  • To Subscribe this offer, Dial *20#.


  • It’s valid for 7 days only.


  • The customers of Zong will enjoy this offer in Just Rs. 160 + tax/-

How to Subscribe Super Weekly Plus?

  • You can also activate the offer by dialing *6464#
  • To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102#

Terms & Conditions

  • If you want to re-subscribe the offer twice in a week then you need to first unsubscribe the offer first then re-subscribe it.
  • To unsubscribe the offer, You need to dial *20*2#.
  • After consuming all the data, The users will automatically move on the base package.
  • This package is valid for all  2G/3G & 4G to prepay subscriber.
  • The super weekly plus offer will not auto-renewed once expire.
  • You didn’t activate any bundle, The default rate Rs. 1+t/MB will be applicable.
  • The customers can subscribe to any available Add-on bundle.

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