Zong Super Weekly Premium Offer 30GB [App Exclusive]

March 27, 2020
Zong Super Weekly Premium App Exclusive Offer

Zong brings a stimulating offer Zong Super Weekly Max Premium to its customers. This offer has been amending by Zong today (20 January-2020).  It’s app exclusive offer that means you can activate it from the Zong android application only.

This package comes with 30GB of data including 15 GB of regular data and 15GB for most popular apps Youtube and Tiktok. The goddess of this offer is that you will also get 100 FREE minutes for all networks.

With the Super Premium offer, you will get 15GB regular data that you can use 24 hours a day without any time limit. Whereas the Zong super weekly max offer you 10GB data plus 5GB data that you can use between 4 AM to 4 PM.

So the Zong premium package removes this time limitation and you are ready to use the internet without any limits.

Max Zong Offer: Although, this premium weekly offer is quite similar to Zong Super Weekly Max Offer it has few great benefits for Zong my app users.

Another thing, Because of the premium app exclusive offer is, you will get 15GB data not only for Youtube but you can also use the Tiktop. So this is another great facility for users who love to watch videos on both popular platforms.

That’s not the end.  The Zong premium offer gives you 100 free all network minutes to call your friends or any network users. That’s really a beauty. Isn’t it?

Why you are waiting for? Let’s check out the complete details and subscribe to the offer now.

Zong Super Weekly Premium [App Exclusive Offer]

The exclusive offer from Zong comes with a lot of freebies. It’s an internet offer but still offers you 100 free all network minutes which is a great thing. Most people prefer this offer because it cost-effective and gives you a massive amount of data.

You are going to get 15GB regular data that you can use to explore any kind of web page, social website or application, user WhatsApp, access email and do your online work.

Additionally, it’s full of entertainment offers because it comes with an additional 15GB of data without any time limit that you can use for Youtube and Tiktok.

Furthermore, This is one of the best offers so far from the Zong or any other mobile broadband company. If you always use the internet then you should go with this offer.

Charges Rs.223 +Tax
Load Require Rs.299/-
Data Volume 15 GB
Youtube/Tiktok Data 15 GB Free Data
Free Minutes 100 Minutes for All Network
How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Install My Zong App and Directly Active it.
Validity 7 Day

Offered Incentives:

By activating the Super Weekly Premium Offer, The customers will get

  • 15 GB can use any time for every day 24 hours and access all types of content.
  • Additional 15GB data for Youtube & Tiktok free of cost.
  • Moreover, 100 free all network minutes.

What is Zong Super Weekly Premium Package Code?

  • There is seriously no code available for this offer. You should need to install My Zong App from google play store. After that, you need to create an account using your Zong mobile number.
  • Next, You need to go to the Bundles options and find Super Weekly Premium offer.
  • Simply hit the Subscribe Now button.
  • Just make sure you have balance Rs. 270 in your mobile account.


  • You should have a balance of more than Rs. 270/- to get the offer.
  • If you load Rs. 300 You can activate the offer without having any problem


  • The validity of the offer is 7 days only.

Terms & Condition

  • You can use the 15GB data only for both video social apps TikTok & Youtube.
  • Moreover, the rest of the 15GB available for every kind of content over the web.
  • Additionally, the offer only for prepaid users.
  • This super offer only subscribes from My Zong App. If you don’t have installed yet, do it now and activate the offer.
  • Furthermore, the speed of the internet depends upon many factors such as the number of users, availability of the network, and service area.

3 thoughts on “Zong Super Weekly Premium Offer 30GB [App Exclusive]”

  1. I have one query I just wanted to know that is it possible to use YouTube & tiktok exclude data via mobile Hotspot to other device using same apps i.e. Youtube & tiktok?

  2. My niece watch youtube all the time & she used to consume a lot of a data. This is the best offer for me. Where i can use regular 15GB & she can use youtube/tiktok 15GB.


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